How To Play

When you join the server you will be given £20,000 in game start up money to get you started, this is enough money to complete your driving test, buy a cheap car and get yourself some supplies from the shop.

Here are the first steps we reccomend:

Step 1
Choose a job, you can choose a new job at any point at the job center or remain unemployed and earn money through criminal activities.

Step 2
Go to a cash machine or bank to withdraw some cash. we have deposited your money in to your bank account, You’ll need to withdraw what you want to spend.

Step 3
Go to a shop or the pharmacy (a pill icon next to mission row pd) to buy medical supplies, you’ll need these to heal yourself if you get injured. You will want to take great care when crossing roads and fighting with NPCs as if you get hurt, you will almost always suffer consequences.

Step 4
Get a driving license, look for the ‘Driving School’ on the map (briefcase icon) and head down there to complete your theory and practical driving tests. once you’ve done that you will have a driving license and will be able to buy cars. Police may revoke your driving license, so watch your driving if you don’t want to have to do it again

Step 5
Head to the car dealership to buy yourself a nice(ish) car, there are a couple of cheap motors available from £15,000

F5 Open Inventory, press esc to close.

F6 Open and close your job menu

F7 View and pay invoices and fines

K Accessories Menu (put on/take off hat etc)

[ fast travel to legion square garage or car dealership (only use if you get stuck far away with no vehicle)

Z open your health menu and give first aid

ALT + Z see other players health status and give first aid

PAGE DOWN Emote Menu (Also /e [emotename])

X Open mobile phone

/999p [call details] Call the police

/999n [call details] Call an ambulance