Gaming should be Fun, Fair & Respectful

We all like to have a laugh but we need to make sure that our behaviour is not ruining the game for everybody else, so we came up with our behaviour standards that we expect all
participants to abide by.

Please note that when we refer to “character” we mean the in game fictional characters that people are roleplaying as. When we refer to “participant”, we mean the physical human that is playing the game

#1.1 Abuse / Harrasment of other participants will not be tolerated. This includes making personal comments about participants that is intended to cause upset

#1.2 We have a zero-tolerance policy on hateful conduct. This includes promoting violence against, threatening or harassing other participants & characters on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease.

#1.3 You may not threaten violence against a participant or a group of participants.

#1.4 Please do not engage in role-play that is in bad taste, such as reanacting real life attrocities.

#1.5 Do not share your own or other participants private information. We also prohibit threatening to expose private information or incentivizing others to do so.

#1.5 You may not impersonate other participants in a manner that is intended to decieve or manipulate others.

#1.6 You may not behave in a way that manipulates or disrupts participants experience of the game

Easy Roleplay, For Everybody

Look, We’re not a serious role-play community and we don’t loose our sh** with people for occasionaly messing around out of character however our roleplaying guidelines are a mandatory set of rules
designed to allow people to roleplay without interuptions.

#2.1 Role-Play must not breach any of the rules set out in the Behviour Standards.

#2.2 If you are approaching another player then you should only do so in character, randomly attacking is not allowed

#2.3 You must not apprach a roleplay scene unless you are aware of what is happening and are roleplaying a character that fits with the scene. It is not acceptable to turn up and
randomly disrupt the scene.

#2.4 If a participant asks you to leave them alone then you must do so, this includes police officers even if you consider it roleplay. “it can happen in real life” is not
an excuse for annoying people.

#2.5 The in game voice chat system is to be used for roleplay only and should be set to a 15m distance limit in vMenu. If you need to speak out of character then you should
wait for a suitable moment to do so and begin by saying “out of character…” , if you have a lot of background noise or are speaking to people out of game, then push to talk should be used.

#2.6 You are free to RP as a paramedic or fire fighter without application but you should always act responsibly and realistically when driving an emergency vehicle or using an emergency service ped. We expect that emergency service personell are not involved with any crimes and emergency vehicles not involved in vehicle collisions.

#2.7 All Police roles are whitelisted and only approved players are allowed to roleplay as them. Unless you are given the police officer role, you must not spawn/drive a police vehicle or use a police ped even if the game allows you to.

#2.8 Vehicles should be driven and used realistically. i.e dirtbikes should not be driven in the city and super cars not driven up mountains.

#2.9 Grand Theft Auto Online fictional-style vehicles should not be used, even if the game allows you to. (e.g cars that can fly or trucks with flame throwers)

#2.10 The following role-play scenarios & characters are not allowed: Suicide / Self harm, Sexual assault, anything that may breach rule 1.4

#2.11 If you have been placed in jail, you must not leave until you have served your time even if the game allows you to do so. You must also not leave the server during
jail time or leave the server to purposely avoid being placed in jail. Police officers are permitted to leave your character cuffed or keep your character incapacitated by any means if you have previously evaded jail time (e.g using no-clip or teleporting away from the prison during jail time).

#2.12 You are not allowed to respawn or use repair cmd on cars during roleplay. Cars must also not be spawned in view of other players.

#2.13 Roleplay involving firearms must only be done when a fire arms officer is available, otherwise guns must not be used.

#2.14 You must not teleport to other players or use no-clip to move around the map.

Stop, Look, Listen, Stay Alive

Please treat our officers with the same respect as other participants and don’t unfairly target them for attention.

#3.1 All officers are permitted to carry a taser, however they must only be deployed when an offender is violent and poses a threat to the officer or surrounding members of the public. they must not be used to stop an offender from running away.

#3.2 Officers must always attempt to engage in dialog and resolve a scene peacefully before resorting to drawing weapons or placing somebody under arrest

#3.3 Armed response officers must only drive armed response vehicles, these can be identified by yellow circles in the windows

#3.4 Armed response officers must not get in or out of their vehicle with their gun out. they must roleplay getting the gun in and out of their boot by using /me (e.g /me secures rifle in boot)

#3.5 Armed response officers must not get their weapon out of their vehicle at scenes that don’t require it

#3.6 Officers must not use their vehicles as battering rams and should pursuit realistically, we ask that you also do the same (e.g doing 100mph the wrong way down a 6 lane motorway is not realistic). TPAC and tactical manoeuvres are allowed.